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Assets valuation

AEDIUM Valuation Office is a independent valuation company. Our headquarters is located in Wroclaw (Poland). We operate throughout the country (Poland). The business is managed by qualified professional valuers. We specialise in the valuation of assets (physical assets and intangible assetreal). We performed the valuation of real estates, machinery, equipment, trademarks, patents, research results etc.



Assets appraisal [pol. wycena aktywów] is a process of developing an opinion of value for assets. The service is performed by appraisers (otherwise known as valuers) whose main responsibility is composition of an valuation report. Such report consist of the information such as: detailed description of the assets, description of legal fundamentals, market analysis, presentation of calculation process and the final outcome.


Appraisal report should contain:

  • definition of the subject valuation,
  • description of the valuation area,
  • description of valuation purpose,
  • legal fundamentals for the appraisal,
  • the sources of the data about assets,
  • description of the state,
  • description of method of valuation,
  • market analysis (prices, rents),
  • presentation of calculations,
  • the result of the appraisal.


Market value of the assets [pol. wartość rynkowa nieruchomości] is an estimated, most probable price possible to be obtained for the assets in the day of valuation. Valuation requires analysis of market prices of similar assets, presumable income and costs. Without sufficient knowledge about the market, accurate valuation is impossible.



We value all types of assets: real estates, machinery, equipment, trademarks, patents, research results etc.



AEDIUM Valuation Office can help you with:

  • pre-purchase valuations,
  • pre-sale property valuations (prior to putting a property up for sale or rent),
  • valuation for insurance replacement purposes,
  • for loan security purposes,
  • for balance sheet and accounting purposes,
  • for legal obligations,
  • to monitor and measure the performance and real value of your investments,
  • compensation (e.g. for expropriation),
  • to assess your portfolio and its potential,
  • impairment of assets ias 36 etc.



Realized assets valuations:

  • real estates (several thousand valuations, all types),
  • machinery, equipment – all types (e.g. BP Europa SE, Szczecin Shipyard, Marcegalia Poland, Elica Polska sp. z o.o., Termat, Grupa PEP,
  • assets shipyard (facilities, equipment, machinery, real estate – Szczecin Shipyard),
  • assets brickyard (facilities, equipment, machinery, real estate – Strzelin, Kozłowice, Witaszyce, Krotoszyn,  Brzostów),
  • impairment of assets ias 36 (e.g. Yazaki Automotive Products),
  • assets automotive factory (e.g. Faurecia, Fiat, Yazaki, Leoni Autokabel, Ilpea, BZWF MOTOR),
  • assets household goods factory (e.g. Marcegalia Poland, Elica Polska),
  • production lines (e.g. Grupa PEP – Biomasa Energetyczna, Anwil, Marflex M.J. Maillis Poland, ISM POLAND, Marcegalia Poland, Elica Polska, BZWF MOTOR),
  • equipment (e.g. Tutti Frutti, Fiat SA, Ilpea Sp. z o.o. – Chełstówek, Twardogóra, Spomarz SA – Żary, Smulders Group Poland sp. z o.o. – Bolesławiec, Termat – Środa Śląska, Industry Building sp. z o.o. – Łęknica, Nardi Appliances Poland Sp. z o.o. – Oława, „Leoni Autokabel Polska” Sp. z o.o. – Ostrzeszów, Grupa PEP – Biomasa Energetyczna – Ząbkowice Śląskie, Cuprum Business Center Sp. z o.o. – Wrocław ul. Paprotna, Grupa PEP – Biomasa Energetyczna – Zamość, Termat – Środa Śląska, Marcegalia Poland – Praszka, Elica Polska sp. z o.o. – Jelcz-Laskowice).



If you are interested in our offer, please contact: phone number +48 881 308 548 e-mail: